Prokitchen is a growing subsidiary of the highly successful Cosecasa brand name. As much as Cosecasa became a household name over the past fifteen years for supplying the largest range of products for the domestic consumer; Prokitchen meets the demand for a complete line of professional products for the trade.

Prokitchen is operated within the same company structure and premesis as Cosecasa, but is run by its own dedicated management team. Through this setup, Prokitchen benefits from the expertise and supplier network of Cosecasa, but is able to focus on a full range of products sourced specifically to meet the requirements of bars, restaurants, hotels, and other catering establishments. With this aim in mind, Prokitchen’s staff are knowledgeable, flexible and available to meet the urgent demands of business customers even on short notice.

The endless variety of products supplied by Prokitchen falls within these broad categories:

Crockery – including dinnerware, personalised crockery and storage systems;
Cutlery – from economy range to deluxe patterns and speciality cutlery including storage systems;
Knives – the largest variety of chefs knives, speciality knives, cheese knives, sharpeners, etc.
Glassware – all types of stemware, tumblers, shot glasses, jugs, sundae bowls, etc.
Bar accessories – bottle openers, pourers, dispensers, cocktail accessories, wine buckets, etc.
Tabletop products – including baskets, condiment sets, platters, table mats, etc.
Food Service – buffet displays, chafing dishes, serving trays and utensils, servers and dispensers;
Cookware – such as stainless steel pots and pans, trays,skillets, boilers, poachers, etc.
Bakeware – moulds and rings, brushes, cutters, rollers, whisks, etc.
Speciality cookware – for oriental and Indian cooking, pizza, pasta, etc.
Food Storage – boxes, trays, bins, jars, utensils, etc.
Utensils and tools – the largest range of tongs, scoops, spatulas, bottles, slicers, etc etc.
Equipment – blenders, mixers, mincers, juicers, slicers, chippers, etc.

Prokitchen is a one-stop-shop for thousands of those useful items that professional chefs and F&B managers rely on from day to day. Moreover through its vast network of contacts in different markets and industries, it is in a position to source even the most hard to find items for the most discerning buyers.

Check out the vast range of products in our online catalog, add them to your wish list and submit your enquiry for a personalised proposal. Alternatively you may call (+356) 21447672 for more information.